Events Management

Dear friends and valued customers,

We are happy to announce that we can help you in organizing all your events and functions like wedding, birthday parties, anniversaries, just fun get together, etc.
Yes, we are still bringing great concerts and theatre plays to Canada but we can also help you to be the Star of your own party!
If you are thinking how to organize your own event without headache please feel free to call me at 416 835 4119 or email with your inquiry

Tieventi is proud to be the part of humanitarian action to help the Artists through these hard times, who are always making our lives better and make us laugh in their shows. Unfortunately, the shows are cancelled and life has to go on!
All donations will be sent to our actress Dragana Varagic, who started this action and made it work.
Tieventi will give 20% off to all our future events if you donate $20 or over.

Tieventi se pridružuje akciji koju je pokrenula naša glumica Dragana Varagić, a pozivamo i vas da svi zajedno pomognemo našim glumcima i ostalim umjetnicima koji nas uveseljavaju u ovim teškim vremenima i čine sve da nam uljepšaju život. Pošto oni rade bez naknade, red je da i mi njih podržimo. Ovdje možete uplatiti sredstva preko PayPal odakle će biti poslano direktno na njihov račun u Srbiji, kako bi se izbjegle provizije.
Tieventi daje popust od 20% za naše buduće događaje svima koji podrže ovu akciju sa $20 i više.

Thank you all for attending this concert! It was great success and we appreciate all of you who came including Marija & Džejla!

Proud sponsors of all our events